Invisible Braces

[su_column size=”1/2″]Invisible Braces - Invisalign in Patiala | Dr Walia Dental Clinic [/su_column]Spotting someone with an eighteen inch bicep is as common as finding someone with crooked teeth. Millions of people carry the burden of not sporting a healthy smile. Blame on the quintessential factor that adults feel embarrassed to wear braces, or that a lot of people think braces are for teenagers only. Well, you if belong to the specified section of the audience, you need to think again.

The vigour of a good smile can lift up your spirits regardless of your age. And it makes no sense in living in perturbation of exposure. Instigating braces is a very common phenomenon now. And more to that, with the technological advancement we have better kind of braces to suit your needs.

Invisible braces, popularly known as Invisalign, are the alternatives to the conventional metal braces. Just like its predecessor, Invisible braces straighten your teeth without compromising with your aesthetics which means that you are free to show your smile during the time of treatment.

These braces are the offspring of the advanced technology as they are less invasive and painful. In comparison to the excruciation one has to go through while chewing food with metal braces, Invisalign easily prevents pain as they astutely align with your bite.

Invisalign are advantageous in treating orthodontic conditions such as over biting, widely spaced teeth, and crooked teeth. Our team of orthodontists helps you in deciding how to correct your bite. We draw a plan for moving your teeth. Once you get clear aligners, you will be fitted for numerous versions that make adjustments to your teeth over the course of treatment.

Also, since Invisalign are not for everyone, our orthodontists analyses your mouth and then decide what is best for you. Furthermore, you are free to ask them about anything related to the dental procedure.

At Dr. Walia Multispeciality Dental Clinic, we believe in providing complete details about the treatment to the patient so as to make the person feel downright comfortable and disposed to undergoing the dental procedure.